Watching Films is Good for Your Health

Movie watching & HealthThis is good news and now you have a very good excuse to sit, relax and watch a good film without guilt along with an excellent response if family members or friends disapprove of your time spent watching films!

On a serious note, studies have shown that watching films can be beneficial for your physical health, as well as your emotional and mental health.  The below lists the positive health benefits that can be felt when watching films.

Physical Health

Good quality films stimulate your emotional sensors which results in physical reactions in the body.  For example, a good comedy will make you laugh heartily.  The laughter helps you cope with stress, can strengthen your immune system and helps lower blood pressure.  Be aware though that you have to choose your films wisely if you want the health benefits from movie watching, generally this would be heart felt, feel good and inspirational films.  A grossly violent sickening film will provide no benefit to your health because of the disgust, fear and shock you’ll experience emotionally and physically from watching such films displaying atrocious inhumane acts of violence.

Therapeutic Uses

Some therapists prescribe films to assist their clients explore their thoughts, emotions and to deal with a difficult issue or circumstance they are currently facing.  This type of therapy can have very beneficial effects on most people except for those with psychotic disorders.  The way it works is that movies are chosen based on themes that reflect the patient’s current issue.  For example, if the patient is trying to cope with a serious illness of a loved one, then the movie “Beaches” would be therapeutic for this situation as its storyline is also about a character dealing with a loved one’s illness.  When watching the film, the patient is to observe how the issue is dealt with by the characters.

Films can also provide a vehicle for emotional release, for instance after a stressful day a good light hearted movie can help you to relax and release the tensions of the day.  Or, watching a sad movie may trigger suppressed feelings of grief and sadness which enables you to release those feelings out of your system.  A sad film can have another effect in that it can make you happier.  This was shown in a study where students watched the sad and tragic movie “Atonement”.  Afterwards the students reported that they were happier with their lives because the film caused them to think about their loved ones and be grateful for what they have.

Helps You Lose Weight

Studies have shown that a good horror film can burn up calories.  I can imagine people all over the world jumping up and down with joy over this finding!  This is an enjoyable way to combine your love of watching films with losing weight and there’s hardly any effort involved.  How this works is when you watch a horror film, the intense fear you feel creates stress in your body – ie the pulse quickens and blood is pumping faster throughout the body.  In response to this stressor adrenaline is released which is known to reduce the appetite and increase the metabolic rate which in turn burns more calories.


My passion is films, every spare moment I have is spent watching films or waiting for the next big release from my favourite or new and upcoming filmmakers.It’s a great “hobby” not only for the entertainment value but for the fact that certain types of movies can be inspiring or thought provoking as well as therapeutic!

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