Top 10 Favourite Films of All Time

Top 10 Favourite Movies all TimeThese are my top 10 all time favourite movies which I consider the best.  Use it as a guide to help you if you’re stuck on finding your next film masterpiece to enjoy at home.

1.    The Godfather (1972)

Marlon Brando plays the Godfather, while Al Pacino and James Caan – his sons, in this Francis Ford Coppola movie based on the Mario Puzo novel about an Italian-American Mafia boss who relinquishes control to his son Michael (Pacino).  Fantastic dramatic storyline and great acting by some of America’s finest actors.

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The Boom in Independent Films

There’s a boom in independent movies. There is a somewhat convoluted reason for this. Big movies have big budgets, and bigger risks. Bigger budgets mean that there are less movies being made. It also means that films with smaller budgets are no longer given a green light. However, small movies also do not get green lit because there is very little chance that it will earn big. The movie industry is in a bind. The small movie makers have no choice but to create their own movies without big studio backing.

Most directors started with short films, graduating to whatever media they can have their hands on. It is frustrating to be a film maker with a project and no backers. The good news is that there has been a lot of focus on indie films. There are a lot of film festivals which cater to this segment of the industry. It has also put directors and indie film actors on the spotlight.

It has not yet gotten to the point where film makers have used the techniques of Ed Woods and the Hong Kong film industry in order to save on money and production time. Today’s independent film makers have gone a long way from “The Blair Witch Project.”

There are ways to establish a shot, or a mood which are still being used. Typical are pass-by scenes shot from a car, showing a suburban neighborhood with lots of windows and doors, such as in Orangeville, for instance. These establish the succeeding scenes.

The offshoot of these independent films is the exposure that they get from film festivals. Directors get noticed and move on to bigger projects. The same is true for producers, scriptwriters and actors. In some films, all four roles are filled up by the same person. Which is usually the case if you have a small budget. Even established movie stars, and directors produce their own movies which they also wrote. This trend borrows heavily from Orson Welles and Warren Beatty.

With technology helping to cut costs in modern film making methods, there is expected to be a lot more independent films in the years to come. The difference is that these films would have no real difference in terms of quality when compared with big studio offerings.

Solve Your Roofing Issues for an Undisturbed Movie Night

If you are a big fan of movies, you might spend a night or two every week just to have a movie marathon. You wanted to make sure that everything is perfect. Therefore, you buy the best digital home movie system, find the best movie to watch, and prepare the best snacks that you can munch on while watching the movie. Just when everything is perfect, you suddenly realize that it rains outside. Though this is not necessarily a big problem, you noticed that the water starts to leak through the roof.

Therefore, you have no choice but to cancel your movie night and deal with the issue first. If there are a lot of problematic holes, you might end up too distracted to even continue watching the movie. To solve this problem, you definitely have to find the best roofing contractor. Once the problem is solved, you won’t have to face the same situation on your next movie night.

Finding the Right Person for the Job

Before you hire any roofing contractor, the first thing that you need to do is to determine where the problem is concentrated. By then, when you have already hired someone, you can easily point out the problem to expedite the repair. When finding the roofing contractor, you need to make sure that the person is licensed and insured. You will feel more confident with the output of the contractor once you have hired the right person for the job. You will also feel that you just need to hire the contractor once since the problem will no longer be recurring.

Another thing that you have to consider is the price for the job. Make sure that you don’t have to spend a lot just for a simple roofing repair. However, in the event that there is a major damage on your roof and there is a need to totally change the roof, then you must also find someone who can provide you with a cheap deal. Replacing your old roofs may cost hundreds of dollars depending on the extent of the replacement. Therefore, before you decide whether you just have to go for repair or replacement, you need to know the cost. The contractor must also be able to explain to you the advantages of one option over the other.

Make Your Movie Night Experience More Enjoyable

There are certain roofing materials that may help reduce the sounds you may hear from the outside especially when raining. You might want to choose these materials or add a certain layer into your current roof in order to make your movie night free from external noise. To top it all, you have to keep the contact number of your contractor. In emergency cases, it would be great to know that you can easily find him.

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5 Best Ever Helicopter Movies

As a typical kid I have been fascinated with any man-made thing that flies. I love airplanes, jets, rockets, and certainly choppers. Choppers are like huge birds of prey that can swiftly dip and turn and destroy anything on the ground. It can be a weapon for the villain or the good guy, and it doesn’t matter for me a single bit. If there are kickass helicopter scenes (could be a shooting spree or a blow up), that’s my kind of thing.

Here are five of the best helicopter movies I have yet seen:

5. Black Hawk Down (2001)

When more than a hundred American soldiers fight with Somalian militias, you can expect a pretty brutal, heart-stopping motion. Black Hawk Down definitely lived up to its expectations. The choppers were babes, the scenes were intense, and there were several moments in the movie when I thought “I want a helicopter war. Now”. The film was also socially and politically intense, because it was released three months after the 9/11 attack.

4. Birds of Prey (1973)

A classic that had made its mark on the hall of fame of helicopter movies. With its lengthy aerial chase scenes, focus on helicopter specs and maneuvering, and dramatic explosions, this was the first ever movie that focused on helicopter action scenes. Of course I watched it years later it was released, but the effects still got into me.

3. 28 Weeks Later (2007)

Okay, so this is not a helicopter movie per se, but its helicopter scene warrants a mention in this list. Survivors of a zombie apocalypse were hiding behind tall grass when a group of zombies spotted them and launched into an attack. When all seemed lost, a helicopter run by Pilot Harold Perrineau comes into the scene, dips into the ground, and razors those zombies to second death. Can you imagine zombie limbs, legs, heads, and blood everywhere?

2. Blue Thunder (1983)

Protagonist Frank Murphy played by Roy Scheider steals a high-tech helicopter called Blue Thunder and flies it all over Los Angeles. This military helicopter was designed to use for civil monitoring and surveillance. It has a stealth technology that enables it to fly undetected, infrared scanners, and a mic and camera. Perfect for spying, and it turns out that it was to be used for illegal crowd control. This was the film that made me scour the web for reviews of the best kids’ helicopter. I found great RC helicopter reviews here.

1. Apocalypse Now (1979)

Vietnam War is as bloody and disastrous as it gets. U.S. Army Captain Benjamin L. Willard was assigned to assassinate a Vietnamese colonel who enslaved an entire local tribe. The thing about this film is it accurately portrays the struggle of a soldier and the sufferings of the natives. The helicopter scene wherein Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" plays through the chopper’s loud speakers while it murders the Vietnamese village folks is iconic and will live through the years. This film is certainly one of my favorites as it portrays not the excitement and glory of war but instead the madness and violence of it.  

Badfellas: My Favorite Film of All Time

I love films, but my favorite one would have to be the modern classic, Badfellas. Badfellas, for me, changed the film landscape in very significant ways. The world of film became so much better because of what Badfellas achieved. In this post, I am going to talk about Badfellas and why it’s a landmark that everyone should see. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll go to Netflix to queue it.

Badfellas is the story of a binary options trader named Gareth May. Gareth May is actually based on real life binary options trader, Peter Evans. Just by doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary, Peter Evans was able to earn a million dollars in just six months. Although the character Gareth May is just loosely based on Peter Evans, the film is still able to look at how Peter Evans was actually able to use Banc de Binary’s many amazing services (e.g. binary options trading signals, tutorials, 24/7 live help) to earn so much money.

When you read my description of the film, you might go thinking that the movie seems boring. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Despite being boring on paper, Badfellas is actually one of the most riveting films of the last ten years. Much is at stake in the film; after all, Gareth May needs to raise a lot of money in just a short span of time in order to be able to pay for his wife’s hospital bills. Even though one knows that the real life Peter Evans was able to successfully earn money and pay for his wife’s treatment, one still ends up at the edge of their seat while watching the movie. Most of the people who have seen the film even claim that they ended up wondering if Gareth May was going to end up making a profit even though they already knew Peter Evans’ story in real life. This is how amazing the film is; it’s actually able to make people lose themselves in it completely.

Of course, Badfellas’ plot and pacing aren’t the only things that make it such a great film. The film also has very amazing cinematography. Despite being mostly set in Gareth May’s home, the film’s cinematographer, Roger Deacon, was able to manipulate the look of the film to make it look very exciting. Words won’t do Deacon’s work any justice, actually; you really have to watch the film to understand what I mean.

Tomorrow, I am going to talk about another film that is very close to my heart: The Dear Hunter. Although it’s almost 40 years old, The Dear Hunter still remains relevant to most people. It’s a timeless tale that people will keep on coming back to. I have actually seen the movie forty times in the last ten years, and I guarantee you, you will also keep on coming back to it too. Do visit my site again tomorrow to know more about the Dear Hunter; for now, just queue up Badfellas on your preferred movie streaming service.

Now You See: Storage Containers

Now You See Me is one of the most engaging movies I’ve seen in 2013. This caper film featured elements that made it better than average. It wasn’t an astoundingly brilliant film. It had some parts of it that could still solicit criticism. Nevertheless, with a cast of credible actors and a very interesting story, it surely was one of the most memorable movies last year.

The film’s plot, as I mentioned earlier, is definitely interesting, made greatly exciting by the series of twists and turns not many a movie fan would probably be able to guess. It was about four gifted street magicians (collectively called the “Four Horsemen”) who were convened by an “invisible hand” to do a show in Vegas, have a rich benefactor, betray their rich benefactor, and stage revenge for the “invisible hand” who gathered them together.

The film starred Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Melanie Laurent, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Michael Kelly, Michael Caine, and The Morgan Freeman. The story was written by BOaz Yakin and Edward Ricourt. Definitely a great gathering of actors and creative minds there! However, for this post, I would just like to highlight something I found somewhat interesting in the movie: the storage containers.

Storage container sales for container companies across the US were probably great given all the tricks and massive set ups the “magic” and stunts in the movie required. For instance, they had to trick someone into believing that he had been teleported into a French bank’s vault when he was in fact merely isolated within a storage container made to look like the interior of a bank’s vault. Likewise, the grand show near the end of the movie required a lot of lights and equipment to be set up in an instant, in an amazing show of lights and “Robin Hood” thievery. They certainly required storage containers to have everything moved and concealed in their designated positions before the actual show started.

Also, the “Four Horsemen” had to perform in different venues so they most probably required a multitude of giant containers to conveniently take everything they needed and set them up in an efficient manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed that movie and I guess I was obsessing over its interesting twists that I’m seeing trivial things like container vans as noteworthy features. I apologize. That movie was just at least superfluously great that I’m obsessing over the container vans they’ve used.

Filming in a Moving Vehicle

When filming, you can get some great shots while in a vehicle. The great thing about filming while in a vehicle is that you can get that moving steady shot which is impossible otherwise. I have personally filmed while in a car and ATV. Cars are great for the road but if you are off road it obviously won't work. ATVs are great because you can use them when you're not on a road. The one thing I disliked about ATVs is that they are loud. To get away with filming on an ATV you would have to edit out the sound or play music over the sound. I have some good news for your guys though. I have decided to buy a golf cart! A Golf cart will solve all of my problems. They can go off road, on road and are silent! I have been checking them out on this site. Golf carts are fairly cheap as well. You should expect to spend anywhere from $500-2000 on a new one. I have also been looking on craigslist for a used one.

Vehicle Filming Techniques

Here are some good techniques to use while filming on a moving vehicle. The first one is to get yourself a mount. Not just a plain old mount. You will want to get a swivel mount. The swivel mount takes out most of all the vibrations and bumps in the road. As with anything, the more you spend the better the quality so if you are into filming like I am, I would pick up a nice one. My second technique is mix up the angle of the shot. Try mounting the camera on the hood, roof, wheel well, you get the idea. When I am filming, I usually take the same shot from a few different angles. You can then check them out while you are editing and pick the one you like. My last handy technique is to play some music in the background. I am not talking about in the car but while you edit the video. When filming while moving you will always get some unwanted noise. Music will cut it down and make your video more professional. I hope these few tips help you with your next film! I will update after the purchase of my new golf cart and let you guys know how it performs.

Watching Movies and Filming: More than Mere Entertainment

For most people, watching films is viewed as a form of relaxation. You just sit, munch on a bowl of popcorn and soda, and enter another realm for two hours. While this is a fact, there is more to watching movies than relaxation and entertainment. I am personally a movie addict to the point that aside from watching them and writing reviews, I also explored the world of making my own films. Later did I know, it has a long list of advantages worth sharing.

For a couple of weeks already, I’ve been surfing the internet to check out the latest and handiest gadgets I could use for filming. I’m not very techie thus, I was hoping I could find something that’s easy to use but still very efficient. I bumped onto many websites that offer cell phones of all kinds like this. I thought it’s a great way to purchase the right mobile device to start your movie-making venture since most of it don’t only offer affordable gadgets but also ample description about every product.

Together with my film-making self-lectures, I continue to check out the latest movie and write reviews about it. Recently, I don’t simply write reviews but I also write healthy articles related to watching movies. According to various reliable sites, watching comedy films helps lessen stress hormones and it also improves the blood flow. Now that’s a great benefit especially to those who have blood-related conditions.

It is also said that if you have a healthy heart, horror films are okay. But if you’re on the opposite path, you might want to avoid watching horror movies for it can increase the heart rate and cause high blood pressure and chest pains. The only benefit of watching horror films is that it lets you experience ordeals which add thrill to life. Instead, you might want to consider visiting IMDB and check out the best romantic films of all time. Apparently, romance has a great load of health benefits including the fact that it helps you cope with different issues. Romantic films are also proven effective in uplifting one’s spirit, especially when characters portray real life problems and shows how to surpass them. 

“Recycling Controversy” Discussed in a Documentary

With the compounding amount of waste materials caused by human consumption these days, recycling is highly encouraged. Though it is difficult for some people to recycle, there are those who diligently sort out their waste materials to determine which one should be recycled. In fact, some others make a living out of it. They go from place to place just to check which materials thrown away by people are still useful. They will then sell what they have gathered to local recycling shops.

Though it seems disgusting to see these people scrapping the bottom of garbage bins to find something useful, they are in fact very helpful. With their efforts, the waste materials that we have failed to segregate will be sorted out. For some of them, there is a chance that bigger items for recycling can be found. This makes them earn more. For instance, people throw away old appliances or kitchen utensils. There are also those who throw useless furniture. In short, they make the most out of what we have already thrown away.

“Mettle”, The Controversial Documentary

For most of us, throwing items away that will soon be picked up by others is not really a big deal. However, in Brooklyn, it is. Andy Arrow started his documentary when one day, he threw away his air conditioner that was immediately picked up by someone. He found it very interesting. However, the more interesting part is that these people are actually fined for what they are doing. The local government charges them up to $10,000 for theft because of what they are doing.

The question Arrow posed is, is it really wrong to pick up what others have thrown for recycling? Why should they be arrested? His documentary went on to discuss the bigger issue on why the government prevents these people from recycling larger objects such as air conditioners or bicycles even if the owners have already decided to throw them away.

This 56-minute documentary also talked about the reactions of the local officials in regards to the controversy. Throughout the documentary, Arrow followed the “gleaners” or trash pickers of Brooklyn. Throughout the end of the documentary, he stood strong on his point that these people are just ordinary people and they are not hurting anyone. He emphasized the idea that the rule against them is cruel and could even send a wrong message about recycling.

What Should be Done to Solve Garbage Problems?

The documentary talked about the people who could have been a part in solving garbage related problems. However, due to government policies, they are being stopped from doing so. The truth is that, this is just a smaller part of the larger picture. Whether or not these trash pickers are stopped from doing what they want, the garbage problem is still left unsolved. Tons of garbage are not properly disposed all around the world.

For establishments that produce tons of waste materials, it is best to seek help from junk removal companies who specialize in trash removal. They will see to it that the wastes are collected well and will eventually go to where they should be. This also comes with a very minimal cost.

Movie Cars—A Thrill to Watch

While watching films, people are no longer just looking at the gorgeous actors and actresses. Most of the time, the cars being used by the main characters are what viewers also look forward to. Cars that go extremely fast and hitting every road signs, as well as the establishments, catch the eyes of the movie goers a lot. Just imagine how much these cool Hollywood movie cars cost to insure. This article will tell give you an idea on the estimated car insurance rates of some cars used in big productions.

Cadillac Escalade EXT (Matrix Reloaded)
The Cadillac Escalade EXT sports utility vehicle can get its way easily through any movie situation. This car was driven by the silver-haired Twins who played as antagonists in the film. It was taken out from the movie’s special edition DVD due to insurance claim concerns, but do you have an idea how much its yearly car insurance is? This vehicle resembled by today’s Cadillac Escalade costs over $1, 872.49 annually.

The Tumbler (Batman)
Most of you are not probably aware that the Batmobile is called the Tumbler in real life. The car that most resembles it today is the Hummer H1. Even with its wide variety of extremely cool weaponry installed, it has a yearly auto insurance of $2, 197.11.

Mazda RX-7 Driven (Fast and the Furious)
This turbo-charged and nitro-boost car was driven by The Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel in 2001, playing the role of main character Dominic “Dom” Toretto. The Mazga RX – 7 has given Dom the reputation as the king of the streets of L.A. It is most resembled by today’s Mazda RX – 8 with a yearly car insurance rate of $1,790. The high-performance cars of Mazda tend to have lower insurance rates than other car brands, but more expensive to insure when driven by inexperienced or younger drivers.

Even if you do not have one of these famous movie cars, it is still important to find the most affordable California car insurance rate for your vehicle. Most, if not all, insurance companies are giving free quotes. Simply provide your ZIP code and finding the cheapest rates will be easy as counting from one to three.

The Ferrari (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
Ferris Bueller ended up totally wrecking this awesome Ferrari after letting Chicago valets hopped in for some joyride. This scene just proves that a valet should never ever be trusted with anything that is nicer than a station wagon. It is also what people get for skipping school. This Ferrari resembles the Ferrari 430 of today, with a yearly car insurance of $2, 751.55.

BMW i8 Vision Efficient Dynamics (Mission Impossible 4)
This BMW concept car was prominently featured in the movie, Mission Impossible 4. It is a plug-in hybrid that Tom Cruise had driven in a super sexy car chase. This concept car can accelerate to 60mph in under 5 seconds, with a top speed of up to 150mph. It is estimated to cost between $1, 600 and $2, 000 to insure.

KITT (Knight Rider)
Kitt is not just the usual fast car you see in other movies. This car, a Pontiac Firebird, has the gift of intelligence. Fans of Knight Rider are surely hoping to ride on this fantastic supercomputer car one day. Even if this model no longer exists, it is most resembled by the Chevy Camaro. Kitt’s yearly car insurance rate is approximately $1, 832.25.

Film Review: My Winnipeg (2007)

My_winnipegAre you looking to while away the wintry January weather indoors? If so, you will greatly enjoy watching My Winnipeg on DVD or movie-on-demand TV service. While at it, grab one of the surprising variety of pizza winnipeg has to offer (as you’ll discover on the Just Eat Blog), have a mug of hot chocolate beside you, tuck in, and relax. Alright, that was random, but so is this film, and here is why we think this film is worth watching despite its seemingly haphazard plot.

My Winnipeg is surreal documentary cum fantasy film written and directed by Guy Maddin and which pays homage to his home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba. While officially classified as a documentary, Madding weaves-in plenty of fictional scenes into the plot as he depicts his own unique take on his life and times in the city.

My Winnipeg Cast

My Winnipeg stars Darcy Fehr as Guy Maddin, Amy Stewart as Janet Maddin and Ann Savage as Mother. Other notable parts in the film include Louis Negin as Mayor Cornish and Brendan Cade as Cameron Maddin. The part of Ross Maddin is acted by Wesley Cade while Fred Dunsmore and Lou Profeta appear as themselves. The part of The Citizen Pinup Girl is played by Kate Yacula.

Storyline and Plot

The film opens with a scene in which Guy Maddin is riding in a Winnipeg train and as he groggily tries to rouse himself from sleep, he loudly wonders “What if?” He is wondering if it were possible for him to escape the sleepy life (he says it can be no coincidence that Winnipeg boasts the highest proportion of sleepwalkers of any global metropolis) he leads in Winnipeg. He decides that the only way for him to accomplish this is to “film his way out” and the viewer is henceforth introduced to the story of the film documentary already underway.

The viewer is then introduced to the city of Winnipeg, paying special attention to the city’s location at the Y-like junction of Assiniboine and Red rivers. Madding equates this junction, known as “The Forks”, to a woman’s groin and bizarrely associates it with his mother. He also relates an aboriginal myth associated with The Fork where the rivers are said to be laid out on top of secret underground meeting of waterways. Madding makes a case that this myth imbues Winnipeg with a mystical and magnetic sexual energy.

Maddin’s first attempt to escape from the vice-like grip his city of birth has on him is to recreate his family life. In the process, he also manages to give a sideways look at the city’s history recounting such notable events as the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike and the visit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Winnipeg in 1923. He also manages to give the viewer eye opening looks at the city’s chief architectural features including the Winnipeg Arena and Eaton’s building.

As the film nears the end with the family scene re-enactments failing to free Maddin from his life in Winnipeg, he starts to fear that his pet project will ultimately fail. In a last act of desperation though, he uses his fertile imagination to conjure a pinup girl for the 1919 general strike’s newsletter known as The Citizen. In The Citizen Girl’s capable hands, Guy Maddin is finally able to escape the sleepy city of Winnipeg guilt free.

Critical Reception

My Winnipeg has continued to receive almost unanimous critical praise on both online and print film review forums since its release in 2007. The online review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes, reports that about 94% of all reviewers gave the film consistent positive reviews. It has also featured on many film critics’ lists of top ten films of 2008.

How Urinary Incontinence Turned a Comedy into a Tragedy

So… I met this really great woman last Friday when I stopped at a Starbucksto get a caffeine fix after a particularly stressful business meeting. She’s insanely intelligent and cute and we’ve got a lot in common. She was sitting alone and I’m pretty outgoing so I just went up to her, asked her if she’d mind some company, and we started talking.

She gave me her number after we talked for about half an hour.

I called her the next day and asked if she wanted to take a walk with me in the park. We had a great time, and we both realized that we have nearly identical interests. We’re both marathoners (she did the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon, both of which I’ve been wanting to do for years), we’re both vegetarians, we’re both big-time movie fanatics… I was starting to feel like we were made for each other by the end of our leisurely walk that had turned into a three-hour conversation.

After a few more dates, I invited her to my place to watch a movie.

It started out great. We were sitting next to each other on the couch, my arm around her, enjoying the movie. I chose a comedy because, well, we both like comedies. Then it happens: she goes into a laughing fit (God, she’s got a sexy laugh) and then out of the blue she darts up out of the couch, excuses herself, and runs to the bathroom. For a second, I wondered if I had farted. Nothing can kill the mood better than the old butt trumpet. She left after that and avoided me the next day when I called to see if she wanted to go out again.

I’m persistent, so I pressed on and asked her what happened that she went from wanting to see me every day to avoiding me. She told me she was embarrassed because she had peed her pants laughing so hard at the movie. I wasn’t sure she was serious because I frankly don’t see why that would embarrass her so much that she wouldn’t want to explain why she left so suddenly.

Well, we’re back to going out every day – you’ve got to love fast-and-furious romances – and she went to the doctor to find out why she’s been having urinary incontinence so much lately. It turns out she just needs a transvaginal mesh procedure. Problems such as urinary incontinence are pretty common. More common than you’d think, actually.

Moral of the story: when watching a comedy gets in danger of becoming a romantic tragedy because of incontinence, just go see a doctor. The procedure she had done was a simple one, and she didn’t even have to take off from work (well, that’s because her work doesn’t require her to lift heavy objects). One quick surgery and problem solved. We can now safely watch a pee-in-your-pants-comedy without her actually peeing in her pants.

My Review Of The Movie “Away From Her”

Although I love movies I usually opt for the fun or feel good ones that are rather light in nature. From time to time I will watch a heavy flick particularly when it touches me in some special way. Today, I want to write a review of a movie I only saw recently, “Away From Her.” The movie was made back in 2006 and I didn’t see it when it came out. However, due to some family problems I will discuss in a minute, I actually only now decided that I wanted to see the movie.

The premise of the movie is that a man struggles with putting his wife in an institution as she is battling Alzheimer’s Disease. The man’s wife if fading away when it comes to her memory and the film really discusses this in a touching way. The “twist” to the movie comes when the woman falls for a man who is in the institution. Oh my, the problems that this creates. Can you imagine? The movie is a truly touching story of just what happens when lives are touched by Alzheimer’s.

Now, how you might ask does this affect me? Why did I only now choose to watch this movie? Well, I recently had an uncle diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. At first I really didn’t notice any sort of difference. My uncle, we will call him Morty, was just somewhat forgetful when it came to things. He would forget to put out the trash, he would forget to eat dinner, forget to walk the dog.  These seemed like innocent things for an older man, however, his disease did progress. Morty started forgetting his family members, his kids, and ultimately his wife (my aunt). This was devastating to the family. Our family had to research different memory care facilities and we ultimately had to put Morty in a medical center that could deal with his advanced disease. Again, this was absolutely devastating to the family.

After all of this drama I decided to start watching movies that were related to Alzheimer’s. I watched “Dad” which was a very sad film starring Jack Lemon.  Very touching indeed. I watched “The Savages” and of course I watched “The Notebook.” All movies that dealt with the effects of Alzheimer’s. However, I came away from all of these films thinking that “Away From Her” was the best of the bunch. The cinematography used in this movie is just fantastic. I could feel the pain of the characters in the movie. I could smell the smells they did and I was moved to tears by the story. Very well done I must say. Olympia Dukakis makes an appearance in the film and she is truly one of my favorite “older” actresses.

So in the end I would really recommend the movie “Away From Her.” Hopefully you won’t have a family reason to watch the film like I did. Hopefully you can just enjoy the movie for what it is – a look at aging and the sad facts of life. Enjoy this movie – it’s a good one.